Ground Imaging System

Ground Imaging Sys, or Ground Radar Detection Sys GPR, it is one of the most accurate exploration Systems, that gives users spectral and stratigraphic images about the shape of the targets buried underground through special programs on the device screen, laptop or mobile phone App, after lengthy research, we chose for you a group of the best and most accurate of these devices.

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Gold Step Pro Max

2160 ر.ع.
The most famous device in the world and the most widely used by prospectors for gold and precious metals underground, The Gold Step device, the previous version, has always been the master of long-range, most efficient and flexible detectors in detecting everything that is valuable in the ground for the past 7 years. Through this successful scientific model, many prospectors and explorers around the world were able to reach their targets and achieve their will. Therefore, we are now putting in your hands the Gold Step Pro Max 2022, the completely new version, with new technologies and additions represented by newly invented technical means in our scientific laboratories. The Gold Step Pro Max is the most important professional detector produced by our company. Therefore, we have developed and manufactured this device in a way that makes it the best and most widely used method among researchers and prospectors for buried treasures underground. The user of the new Pro Max device can reach the valuable targets and precious treasures easier and faster than before, as this device provides all the techniques that the user needs to help him in most of the scans and vertical and horizontal detection and in line with all lands and terrain, as this device includes systems All-new imaging detection, in addition to other vertical detection systems and long-distance detection systems that characterize BR Systems. You can operate this device and choose the detection system from long distances until the device begins directing you to the location of the target and then verifying this target through imaging detection systems that help you know the shape and size of the target.


1535 ر.ع.
3d Ground Imaging Metal Detector” GROUND SCOPE is a specialized device to detecting gold, treasures, metal and caves underground to maximum depth up to 14 meters, it operates with the radar imaging system and provides 2D and 3D data for the shape of the detected object underground, and measures the depth of the target. This device is one of the best and latest imaging scanner devices in the world, most sophisticated and accurate in the results, it is not complicated and easy to use and does not need external support programs for analysis and imaging, Provides directly results on the device screen, in addition, it is offered at a very economical price to give the opportunity for everyone to buying it.


3800 ر.ع.
MF 9700 QUINARY – With 6 Professional Metal Detection Systems At the request of our customers ongoing to get integrated search station for the detection and exploration of mineral and underground resources, at the same time far away from those big and bulky machines that is difficult to deal and work out, especially in the rugged and mountainous areas, and in areas that need to be guaranteed and accurate devices in the results and easy to use at once. The MWF group and after the diligence and research took several years to production MF 9700 QUINARY, a machine with substantive and technical specifications can not be underestimated, supported this device by latest modern scientific systems which our group developed through several stages to get, which other did not get that, to put a new mark in the world of detection and ground survey. Supported the device with six search system for the detection and exploration for gold, metal, treasures,relics,groundwater and voids , and to determine their location and confirm their presence points 100% , by using the six systems that give the user blindly trust to reach his target and find it without any hesitation. The systems supported by the device gives you a long-range scanning to detect and locate the targets from a far distance, and verification ionic search system to confirm the target, In addition to the geophysical survey techniques systems, with smart and automatic analysis of the target, type and depth, except for magnetic scanner system ( Ground Sensor) with sound data and graphic to confirm the targets sites and distinguish between them, and Finally the Ground Scan System, gives you a clear photo about the target. All this and more is available in a single device with proven effectiveness and with a large HD color screen, displays the control systems of advanced smart programs, and displays all the results and coordinates about research and survey.

Ajax Primero

4500 ر.ع.
Primero has 9 advanced systems for detection and exploration of metals, gold, buried treasures and cavity, in addition to multiple functions. Science fiction displays the technology of the future, which may be implemented effectively, including those that can be implemented only in the scenes of science fiction, but with the creative team of AJAX for detectors technology who takes you a leap of quality and unique for the first time globally to the modern scientific reality that lies the latest and most accurate Scientific systems for the detection and exploration of gold, minerals and treasures underground. Note: All AJAX products are provided with Two Years Warranty.

Ajax Gamma

2800 ر.ع.
Multi functional system device which contains 3 advanced and professional detection systems. Gamma is the main imaging tool to complete any successful 3D scan. According to our surveys, we found that all of prospectors who used ground imaging systems have encountered many complexities in the use of these devices and its complex software, but we have solved these complexities and difficulties in our device with 3D imaging systems, where our system allows anyone to use it with easy and smooth control. Note: All AJAX products are provided with Two Years Warranty.