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1535 OMR
RD500" Plastic Water Pipe Locator The easy and accurate way to locate and trace plastic water pipes Leaks in plastic water pipes are costly to repair, damaging to the environment, and time-consuming, and locating the pipe is often one of the first steps to repairing the leak. While conventional Pipe and Cable Locators trace electromagnetic signals traveling on metal pipes and cables, those signals will not travel on non-metallic pipes. The RD500 Plastic Water Pipe Locator, Using a Pulse Transmitter, the RD500 Receiver traces vibrations traveling on plastic water pipes, over distances up to 500’ (150 m) and at depths up to 6’ (1.8 m). The RD500 is the accurate and easy way to quickly locate plastic water pipes.


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Rex Pipe and Cable Locator 3 FREQUENCIES • 1 LOCATOR • ALL UTILITIES Rex is recommended for locating all types of underground utilities: water and sewer, electric, telecom, and gas. The sleek design of the transmitter is less than 2” thick and weighs less than 4 lbs. At slightly over 7 lbs., the entire system fits easily into a custom shoulder bag.